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British design-led digital fabrication studio.

“To understand our business you must first understand that the bespoke furniture industry as a whole, is stuck in the past. On the one side you have highly skilled craftsmen who are shying away from new technologies and those who have dipped their toes into CNC manufacturing but still rely a little too heavy on the traditional skills of their available workforce.

Our difference is that we are an accredited design studio that manufactures 100% of its high end fitted furniture by digital fabrication & computer controlled machines. Not only does this ensure we are repeatedly hitting precision tolerances within our bespoke fitted furniture but it means that we, unlike the traditional makers, are not dependent on the local skill available. Our fabrication files can be sent across the globe and have the same precision tolerance and high quality joinery produced, designed centrally from our studio in London.

We have decentralised the manufacturing of luxury fitted furniture to ensure that our clients, no matter their geographical location, can have access to expertly designed, premium quality furniture at their fingertips ."

Toby Frederick Hope - Director & Founder of pre fab lab

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