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Solid Ash Crittle style walk in wardrobe

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Project Location : Kings Langley, UK Solid stained ash doors, fluted glass, LED lit with brass detailing.

As a brief overview of how design gets to production. First our designers created a 3D sketchup model of the space from a survey taken. We then proceed to render using our AR & VR technology.

On approval of the design we then head into fabrication and development stages and creating bespoke stain samples for this particular project first digitally fabricating the entire room & cabinets to ensure a streamlined dry fit and install.

We trialed our first solid timber doors on the CNC for this project. Lots of R&D went into the programming & development of repeated door processed. Receiving the timber planed prior to securing onto the CNC was a way of streamlining the process.

Nesting the solid timber into the CNC bed jigs we then proceeded to mill the details face on.

Once doors were complete we then set about milling, drilling & edging the carcase material, built from a modified p1. essentials range of cabinetry for concept to completion projects undertaken by PRE FAB LAB.

Dry fit mid process in the workshop. Fitting the carcases together ensuring we have relative door gaps. As this was our first solid ash door we wanted to ensure everything went together correctly prior to site installation!

Once taken down and sanded the doors are wrapped ready for everything to be sent to the spray shop to stain in chosen colour.

Inserting brass inlays into the angled drawer fronts prior to delivery.

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